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Weekly Round – June W3

Weeky Quiz - June W2

From Melodi to Maharaj, What's in the News.

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Pema Khandu recently became the Chief Minister of which Northeastern state?

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The G7 Summit, in which India took part as an outreach country, was held where?

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Joshimath, recently seen in news for renaming discussions, is located in which state?

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What is the name of automatic train protection system developed by Indian Railways?

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A sequel to which Sunny Deol movie from the 1990s was recently announced?

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How many women are included in Modi Cabinet 2024?

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Who was recently reappointed as the National Security Advisor?

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What is the name of the mobile app recently launched by NCRB to provide information about new criminal laws?

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NDA MPs Chirag Paswan and Kangana Ranaut starred in which movie together?


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Recently, who became the first woman helicopter pilot of the Indian Navy?


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Giorgia Meloni is the Prime Minister of which country?

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Which country recently banned super spicy Korean noodles?

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Court stayed the release of 'Maharaj', Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan's debut film. Who directed it?

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Recently, who has been appointed as the next Chief of the Army Staff?

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Which of the following is not a movie by Telugu actor-politician Pawan Kalyan?

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