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Try out some simplest NEET questions.

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Some tranquilizers are listed below. Which one from the following belongs to barbiturates?

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The element expected to form largest ion to achieve the nearest noble gas configuration is:

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Radial symmetry is NOT found in adults of phylum

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Which of the following is characteristic feature of cockroach regarding sexual dimorphism?

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Cellulose does not form blue colour with lodine because

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Axile placentation is observed in:

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The biodegradable polymer is

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The number of σ bonds, π bonds and lone pair of electrons in pyridine, respectively are

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Broad palm with single palm crease is visible in a person suffering from:

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Which of the following stages of meiosis involves division of centromere?

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The potential energy of a long spring when stretched by 2 cm is U. If the spring is stretched by 8 cm, potential energy
stored in it will be:

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Which one of the following common sexually transmitted diseases is completely curable when detected early and treated properly?

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A football player is moving southward and suddenly turns eastward with the same speed to avoid an opponent. The force that acts on the player while turning is:

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The net magnetic flux through any closed surface is:

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The unique mammalian characteristics are:

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The venturi-meter works on:

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Identify the pair of heterosporous pteridophytes among the following:

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Pumice stone is an example of:

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Movement and accumulation of ions across a membrane against their concentration gradient can be explained by

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Which of the following functions is carried out by cytoskeleton in a cell?

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Increase in temperature of a gas filled in a container would lead to:

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Resistance of a carbon resistor determined from colour codes is (22000 ± 5%) Ω. The colour of third band must be:

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An ac source is connected to a capacitor C. Due to decrease in its operating frequency:

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Once the undigested and unabsorbed substances enter the caecum, their backflow is prevented by:

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The errors in the measurement which arise due to unpredictable fluctuations in temperature and voltage supply are:

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